Ah, Giant Dorkgasm....
What is it? When are it? And why?

Giant Dorkgasm was born long ago in a galaxy far, far away, but was launched by its father Jor-El to the Earth in a pod called the Enterprise. Upon landing, Giant Dorkgasm enrolled in Sunnydale High School and then continued its education at Heart College before taking a job at Torchwood in the UK. It now resides in Winterfell with the rest of the Aes Sedai. Its hobbies are time travel, being made of felt, chicken dancing, using the one power, learning how to imitate human emotion, drinking blood, training dragons, translating pirate speak, crime fighting, and donning various disguises.

Point is, now it's a blog where you (lucky you!) can read about Doctor Who, Muppets, outer space, science, serial killers, strange yet awesome music, dead people who changed the world, various incarnations of vampires, comic books you should be reading, TV shows we all love and miss, book series that never seem to end, movies that are worth quoting, etc.
What is Giant Dorkgasm? It's where guilty pleasures roam free...