Friday, October 25, 2013

Fan-gasm Friday: She-Ra Cosplay!

I miss New York Comic Con so much already! But, hey, it's less than a year until the next one!

This year I made my costume, and it was a little more complex than donning a tie and a mustache for last year's Commissioner Gordon outfit.

I took on She-Ra Princess of Power complete with headgear, and through this process I learned that cosplay isn't truly cosplay unless you've got something on your head.

Ta-Da! All the embellishments (cuffs, chest thingie, headpiece, chocker) are yellow foam cut into individual pieces and then glued together. All painted bronze. The jewel is from a toy ring. The belt is a belt I hacked. Dress is from American Apparel. Cape, which doesn't show in this photo, is from a Supergirl costume I already had. And my favorite detail is that I ran out of time to get a Sword of Protection, so, yes, that is a lightsaber, because who doesn't already have a lightsaber lying around?
She-Ra cosplay. NYCC 2013
Aaaand in case you're interested, here's that Commissioner Gordon outfit from NYCC 2012.
Yup. Very few people got it.
So few people got my Commissioner get up that I was forced to wear a second costume on the following day.
Shockingly enough, even less people got Cheryl Tunt from Archer. Also 2012.
Oddly, there were a TON of Archer cosplayers this year. I saw maybe three in the whole weekend last year, but this year they were everywhere. Gotta say, even though there were some good Cheryls this year, none of them had my "You're not my supervisor!!" speech bubble. :)

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