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I'm sure you're all aware of the fiasco that was It crashed like the Titanic into the TARDIS the moment BBC America tweeted that Doctor Who series 7 NYC premiere tickets were for sale.

However, I was one of the lucky few to purchase tickets to the event held on August 25th at the Ziegfeld Theatre in midtown Manhattan!! Tickets were 11 cents each in honor of the 11th Doctor, but of course, included a $1 fee for each ticket, so best $2.22 I've ever spent? Yurp.

I picked up my tickets a day early, because I knew it would be a madhouse the day of the screening.
Bruce Banner green nail polish, chipping away in excitement. Batman is jealous of my tix!
Totes pumped!!
Smart move really, because the line outside the theatre was reDONK when I got there the next day. Of course, I had to dress first.

Unlike a good 40% of the crowd, I didn't dress as the Doctor or Amy. Nope, I kept it simple. Not too fanatic. Just a Dalek t-shirt, some bow tie earrings, and a pair of suspenders. Low key, right? Right??

Anyway, I didn't take a ton of photos at the actual event because 1) I didn't want to miss anything and 2) the lighting in the theatre before and after the screening was not optimal for pic snapping and 3) obviously BBC America was taking better photos throughout, and we all know anything related to Doctor Who makes it onto the Internet pretty quickly.

Anyway, there were a couple of BBC America trailers before the episode started up, including one for The Spies of Warsaw, starring David Tennant, so you can imagine how the crowd reacted every time his face popped onto the screen.

The episode was great. It's amazing thinking about how the Doctor Who budget has increased over the decades. This episode looks like a movie. It's beautiful, and I can't wait to see it again and to watch all of series 7!!

Anyway, here are some of my non-spoilery highlights. REPEAT THERE ARE NO SPOILERS! :)

1. The poster outside the Ziegfeld was great and made me feel like I was at some massive, amazing event. Which I was. :)

Photo from BBC America
2. Matt Smith wore polka dotted, tall socks that showed because he'd rolled his trouser legs up. I'm assuming he rolled them up specifically to show his amazing socks.

3. Chris Hardwick practically begged for Matt's endorsement for him to play the 12th Doctor. It was kind of adorable, because everyone in the audience wanted the same thing for themselves. Ultimately, I believe, Matt's vote went to another excellent choice. You should watch the Q&A. I don't think any possible female Doctors were mentioned. It is a point of contention among so many nerds.

4. We saw teasers for the next several episodes, and I am sooooooo excited to see the TARDIS in New York City in the upcoming "The Angels Take Manhattan"!!!!!!!!!

5. During the Q & A, an audience member said that he was making a Doctor Who musical for YouTube. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that.

Photo from BBC America
6. Karen's dress.

7. Matt and Karen arrived in not one, but TWO Deloreans. I'm pretty sure you have to pull those up from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Although, these two had New Jersey plates...

8. Before the screening started, the lights were dimmed and hundreds of blue and green Sonic Screwdrivers were lifted into the air and waved about much like Zippos at 1980's rock concerts.

9. I've never seen so many fezzes in one place before, and I've been to a Shriner's parade. Just saying.

10. The fact that, because I picked up my tickets early, I got to skip the enormous ticket line and waltz right into the movie theatre like an effing star!

11. Feeling British for an evening. So much BBC. So much Doctor Who. So much awesome.

12. Karen chewed gum during the Q&A. Not sure how I feel about it, but I noticed, so I thought I'd share. Whovians are weird for details.

13. Every time something cool happened in the episode, everyone cheered. Particularly for Rory's slide. That's not a spoiler, because you have no idea what it means. But you will. ;)

14. Also before the screening started, someone started the audience clapping out the four pulse drum lick that the Master hates so thoroughly.

15. Not being the nerdiest person in the room. By a long shot.

16. Just knowing I was in the same room as THE DOCTOR!!!

17. Before the Q&A kicked off, Matt Smith asked for a show of hands for who thought putting spoilers online was a bad idea. Every hand in the theatre went into the air.

18. Someone asked Karen and Matt what Shakespearean play they would most like to do together. They had one picked already, and Karen said, "Macbeth." However, being an actor, she immediately freaked out about having said "Macbeth" in a theatre, so she turned around 3 times, ran to an exit, and ran back. Technically, you're supposed to leave the theatre completely, but I think her theatre karma will be just fine.

19. Matt and Karen both gushed about how great filming and being in New York is. Rightly so.

20. Daleks. Lots and lots and lots and lots of Daleks.

21. I saw Doctor Who tattoos!

22. Matt and Karen both agreed that the fans in the US are more involved and intense than the ones in the UK. Seems pretty obvious, I think, but it was cool to hear the cast say it.

23. All the "Top 11" lists that played before the screening. Little clips of things like "Top 11 gadgets," "Top 11 bad guys," etc. Pretty fun looking back at all the doctors enemies and toys and friends and destinations.

24. Bow ties everywhere. Regardless of gender. Because bow ties are cool.

Photo from BBC America
25. The amazing community of Whovians around the world and right here in NYC!

Few more tidbits, I recommend checking out the fun, short "Pond Life" series here before watching the episode tonight!

Also, the full Q&A will be up on the Nerdist Channel later today!

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