Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fan art makes me smile with my [nerdy] heart

Today I saw Doctor Who fan art that looked like me. My head exploded into a bajillion happy pieces, of course. [just like what would happen if the TARDIS ever exploded, but I'm not saying that it ever has or will - TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!]

Anyway, in case you're wondering (duh), Gladys drew these totally SQUEEEEE-worthy Doctors as ladies, and Five looks a lot like yours truly, making me freak out with giddy geek joy. It's messy.


Obviously, this lead me down the nerd fan art road, and all roads lead to Rome, but I couldn't find fan art for the BBC/HBO series ROME. However, I did find this nifty drawing of Rory as a Roman, probs chasing the Pandorica or some such thing.

Below are my favorite finds of the day. Most are Whovian, but there are a couple other goodies. I gathered them over a 24 hour period and didn't think I'd be blogging about them at the start, so I wasn't keeping track of sources. As I kept seeing more and more goodies, I knew I'd want to share them. If the art is yours and you'd like a link back to your site, please feel free to message me or leave a comment.

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