Monday, February 13, 2012

Mopey Monday: Forlorn Furniture

Ever wished your household was as sad and miserable as you are?

Wish no longer, you pathetic putz! Two MFA design students at Parsons have hacked some random household goods to make the mopey! Using the darkest side of artificial intelligence, the pair of students have made a lamp that fades out in exhaustion and a chair that feels so meaningless and adrift if you're not sitting in it, that it will start to wander aimlessly around your apartment.

The chair sounds super sad, but the lamp idea I kinda like, as I hate having to put in the effort to turn off my lamps after I lit around in their light all day. I'm not really joking. Turning off lamps is the worst.

Check out the forlorn furnishings below.
Burcum Turkmen and Katie Koepfinger's "Emoti-bots" from Michelle Calabro on Vimeo.

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