Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cease. And also, desist


I know a lot of you come here looking for the bacon post. How do I know? Google analytics + that's the only post I put on

Well, you've noticed it's not here. It's gone. There is no bacon.

I know. My heart aches, too. I mean, bacon! We all love bacon! It's made of bacon! And it tastes like awesomeness.

Here's the thing. Couple months ago, Google (they run Blogger, if you didn't know) took down the bacon post because they'd received a Cease and Desist. Crummy thing is, I don't know who sent it or what they were upset about, so I can't even edit the post to make everyone happy and smiley again. My guess is either Kevin Bacon's people are hella busy making sure no one ever associates his name with a delicious food (good luck with that one, fellas) or the clip from Wife Swap made someone grumpy.


It could just be that someone else is claiming that they had thought number 7 on my top ten reasons I love bacon list before I had thought number 7.

If I find out what the issue is, I will fix it with Time Lord speed and repost the bacon post, but until then, I just want everyone to rest assured. I still love bacon. And I always will.

The Dorktess

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