Monday, January 23, 2012

MF Doom "Kon Queso" vs. Spider-Man "The Canon of Doom"

Word up dorks! Sorry I missed y'all last week but I've been a bit under the weather. Now that I'm back to around 80% of my normal brain function it seems like I can almost sentence put together a again. What? Shut up.

Yo Firestar, you
wanna get with me?
This week we're checking out a dude who has been known by several names throughout his hip-hop career. Most awesomely though Daniel Dumile started free-styling incognito in 1997 under the moniker MF Doom. Metal Fingers, as his mother calls him, started out by wearing a stocking over his head to obscure his identity but thankfully stepped up his super-villain image a few notches by switching to a Dr. Doom-esque mask. In 2004 MF Doom released the album MM..FOOD, an anagram of his name, with tracks mostly featuring lyrics and samples having to do with, well, food.
Luckily for us, he's also taken weird samples of plenty of old school cartoons and mixed them in throughout the album.

Check out this track "Kon Queso" which is actually just a much better vocal remaster of an 2003 track "Yee Haw":

Kon Queso by MF DOOM on Grooveshark

Doom's diction is TIGHT! Some lyrics:
In love with Mary Jane she's my main thing
Pulled her right from that webhead, what a lame brain
Maintain and say it don't spray it
Wanna see your girl again, you might as well pay it
If I had a dime for every rhymer who bust guns
I'll have a cool mil for my sons in trust funds
Nah MF Doom,
I'm saving myself for Zack
Doom (MF and Dr.) can have Mary Jane, I was always more of a Firestar guy. Rawr. Anyhow, around 3:10 you hear some dialogue and music from 1982's Spider-Man animated series mixed in. Specifically the episode "The Canon of Doom", available on youtube in three parts. The music for Spider-Man was created by cartoon composer extraordinaire Johnny Douglass. Other similar samples appear throughout the album. It should be noted that MM..FOOD's middle section is largely instrumental so you can't expect such dope rapping throughout the whole album but hey, either way, Mos Def still thinks MF Doom is the bomb, and so do I.