Monday, January 16, 2012

Daily Dorkgasm

For you Dorks in NYC, I am just going to assume that you rely on the MTA quite a bit. Whether you're trudging to and from a day job or just taking the subway out to the airport so you can get the eff outta this crazy city, you probably use the buses and subways that link up the distant regions of this metropolis.

And if you're anything like everyone who rides the train with me, you probably hate the MTA at least two or three times a week. Well, here's some fascinating data to help you complain about them some more.

WNYC (NYC's local National Public Radio station) has compiled an awesome map that shows and explains subway lines that were planned and never built. Look how much more convenient your commute could have been!

Here's the current map in case you need to find your way to greener pastures.

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