Monday, January 30, 2012

Breakwater "Release the Beast" vs. Daft Punk "Robot Rock"

OK, so we didn't have the cool
helmets, but LOOK AT THESE
A long funky time ago (1971), in a greater metropolitan area not too far away (Philly), well before I was, a funk band was born. This band was called Breakwater and they were some funky mammajammas. Inspired by my birth in 1979 they headed back into the studio to record their second album Splashdown. This album included a track called "Release the Beast" which once you listen to, you will immediately recognize.

I imagine most of you reading this weren't groovin' to that Sweet Philly sound on cassette tape in 1980 but rather first encountered this funktastic riff in 2005 when a duo of frenchmen released their third album Human After All. Yup. "Robot Rock" is pretty much that riff ad nauseum awesomeum. While all that's fine and good, did anyone know that a year before Human After All american hip-hop artist MURS (Musty Undiscovered Raccoon Smut is totally what that stands for) sampled the same Breakwater riff for the "Intro" track to the album Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. Here it is:
Even some nerdy lyrics for ya:

Couldn't wait for George to make the new Star Wars scene
So I made my own episode 3:16

There you have it. The evolution of funk. Kinda. Also as an added bonus, somehow, most likely due to some hot tub time machine-esque technology, Breakwater is playing a show in Philly on 2/10/2012. Bet no one saw that coming! $12? 8PM. Do it if you are in the area. Oh, and if anyone from the internet loves me and wants to buy me an amazing robot rock shirt, men's L please.

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