Monday, January 9, 2012

Adam WarRock: The Browncoats Mixtape

Confession time again. I tried, at least four times during the years 2003-2010 to watch Firefly. I failed. Hard. I couldn't make it through the pilot. I don't know why exactly. Drugs? Depression? Narcolepsy? Soul crushing debilitation due to the idea that I wasn't in fact a beautiful and unique snowflake? Maybe a combination of all those things, but without fail I fell asleep while watching the pilot to Firefly. At least four times. It wasn't until after seeing Nathan Fillion be amazing in something as ridiculous as Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog that I was compelled to sit down and give Firefly my full attention. And that finally happened in 2011. And it was good. It wasn't the dorkgasm-inducing replacement for Star Wars that all my friends and the internet made it out to be (Hey George Lucas, the prequels were the reason I was depressed all that time, asshole.), but it was Whedonesque fun. No one can really replace Harrison Ford as a young man's icon of how to be a suave smuggler, but with Ford pushing 70 the world needs someone like Fillion to help fill the void. But enough about me and my weird issues.

The point is that Firefly had a pretty interesting western inspired soundtrack composed primarily by a dude named Greg Edmonson. Then, in 2011, The Internet's Foremost Comic Book Rapper, Adam WarRock, decided to take that entire soundtrack and release a mixtape of songs that sampled from it. That's right. You don't just get one Firefly related song, you've got basically an entire album of samply-goodness, and it's all free! You can download The Browncoats Mixtape here. The song "Mal" would definitely be the first single released off of it, so check that out below if you want before you grab the whole thing.

WarRock, a former lawyer, seems pretty prolific with the work he's done since launching his rap career.  Why not check out the West Coast Avengers Rap Mixtape, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

The entire concept of Adam WarRock was thrust upon me by the creators of Atomic Robo which I just started reading and think you should too.


womanyoustole said...

I think I just had a dorkgasm. I <3 firefly.

The Dorktress said...

Confession. I also have not made it past the pilot. There's something about that fake Willow from Buffy girl that makes me wanna break my tv. I'm such a bad dork, I know. And EVERYONE tells me to give it another go. I just... I don't know. There's so much really great dork media to consume. It seems like if something doesn't reach up and grab me right away, I shouldn't put in the time. But after reading this, I think I'll give it one more try.