Wednesday, January 11, 2012

aaaaaand I'm back

Let's all give Zack a big round of applause for being a one man band while I was across the pond.  ::golf claps::

My dear little dorks! How I've missed you! I went to England, you see, and it was very distracting and jet laggy, but full of nerdy glory. I loved walking down streets full of people who consider Doctor Who a cultural staple instead of a question. And any city with as many free museums as London is top notch in my book.

But I can't tell you everything I did/saw/ate in one post! Because 1. I don't have the time for that bullshit and 2. I need to drag this out so you return and read more. Yes. I've admitted it. I want you to feel trapped TRAPPED by this blog. I want you to seek out its magical geek juice and come crawling back for more like the junkie you and I both know you are.

But anyway, I saw what I wanted to see! Remember this post? I said I'd skip The Doctor Who Experience, which I claimed was for tourists though I really skipped it to avoid spoilers of any sort! So instead I went to the Earl's Court underground station (on the Piccadilly Line) and saw the last big blue police box in London.

I particularly liked that it was old and bit up. Added a touch of TARDIS realism to it. Brilliant, no?

And if you happen to be a nerd living in London, and I didn't get a chance to meet up with you, my sincerest apologies! I had so much to see and was in and out of the city quite a lot. Love your train system, by the way. :)

And finally, London nerds click here.

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