Monday, December 5, 2011

Das Racist: Hahahahaha Jk? vs. Days of Our Lives

I'm gonna do something I'm not entirely comfortable with here and NOT talk about sci-fi, cyberpunk, space or superheroes for a minute. Yeah. No. I'm not coming out as a Brony. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what we're doing today. Today, we're gonna talk about soap operas and dudes from Queens. In particular, Days of our Lives and Das Racist.

When I said the words "Das Racist" you probably either cringed, smiled or gave your screen a confused look like one of Allie's dogs. If you cringed, you should probably just stay at that last link and read everything there. If not, you may have thought to yourself that Das Racist's stoner-alt-art-hip-hop hypnotic sound had reached its apex with 2009's existential strip mall crisis "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell". Perhaps it did. (Check out this awesome remix by Wallpaper, btw) Either way, in 2010 they released a mixtape called Sit Down, Man which featured a track titled "Hahahahaha, Jk?" and samples the theme song to Days of Our Lives.

You know the one. You know you've watched it. Don't try to front. Home from school sick? Skipping 9am Calculus in college because you stayed up all night eating $0.25 wings and drinking pitchers of Rolling Rock? Yeah, you watched it. This show's been on since 19muthauckin65, so if you haven't seen it at least a handful of times, you are probably an alien. And if you're a fan? Well then you are in good company. Thurgood Marshall used to call a recess from 1pm - 2pm so he could watch.

Here's some lyrics:
I'm on the block like street meat
Call me Dwight Schrute the way that I eat beats
No beet farm, just pharm beats, smarmy
A motherfucker try to harm me, eh?
I scrap happily
Smack a little scrappy-type dude for free
Not for a fee, a Rockfort tee
Or maybe just a cup of tea, had enough of me?
And check out the whole thing below:

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