Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Virus Syndicate: Taxman

We're a gonna buy you a drank
This week we're hopping across the pond to visit Virus Syndicate. These blokes are a British grime collective, which, let's be honest, you I had no idea existed before about 15 minutes ago. Hell, I didn't even know grime was a thing, but now I do and I feel more cultured. Enlightened even. Eh, maybe that's just the NyQuil talking though.

You know Danny, maybe
if you hadn't made my
music so scary people would
have liked me more
Shut up you
Either way in 2005 Virus Syndicate  sampled one of the most prolific composers of the late 20th century on their track "Taxman". The aforementioned sample is from Danny Elfman's oscar winning Batman soundtrack. Elfman of course has composed music for so much iconic cinema it's goddamn ridiculous. Not to mention he was the lead singer and songwriter for one of the weirdest bands of the 80s, Oingo Boingo.

So right. Check out Virus Syndicate's "Taxman" below. Things get going around the 0:42 mark. So just sit back and enjoy the relaxing sound of the Batman Theme and gunshots until then.

And for all y'all haters who don't want to listen to British dudes rap, refer to Mr. Elfman on your left. These boys spit hot fire eh?

I feel like I learned something today. Do you?

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