Monday, November 14, 2011

Non Phixion: Futurama

Word up, universe!
You might not know it from 3rd Bass' 1991 single Pop Goes the Weasel, but there was actually one dude there who knew good great hip hop talent. That dude was MC Serch and he hooked up his friends Sabac, DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill and Goretex who like an urban Voltron, formed Non Phixion.

These guys have some of the smoothest flow you'll ever hear, the samples are great too. I remember hearing a bootleg tape of I Shot Reagan in college (1998? fuck!) and my tiny brain nearly exploded after hearing lyrics like:
Yeah yeah I shot Reagan, fuck a pagan
Ate falafel with Menachem Begin
Who the fuck is Carl Sagan?
Not even sure I knew what a falafel was at that point of my life, but that's not why we're here today. Today, dear readers we're gonna check out their song Futurama off their 2002 album The Future is Now. Futurama samples a frenetic string section in part of a young James Horner's Shad's Pursuit from the score to Battle Beyond the Stars (1980).

Roger Corman during production of Sharktopus (2010)
Battle Beyond the Stars isn't just your run of the mill sci-fi flick though. It's another producer's (Roger Corman) vision of what the Star Wars script could have been.

So basically, if Dickhead McShitface George Lucas didn't have a huge budget for visual effects this is the kind of thing the world would have known as Star Wars. That said, you know the story - ragtag band of goofball misfits saves the universe. Again. Except there's a snarky spaceship named Nell that looks like space ovaries who would most likely later in life marry KITT from Knight Rider.
Dramatized wedding night photos
Anyway, things have gotten way out of hand here so how about you just check out the hook, and then take a listen to the song.
Welcome to futurama, where the cyborgs will shoot your mama
A cross between Terminator 3 and Tutankhamen
This is Ill Bill reporting for a new assignment
Ready to rock with the ruger nine shining

Go buy The Future is Now, NOW!

And if you do nothing else, at least go check out this Roger Corman Plushie.

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