Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Muppets Are Coming!

Sorry for all the Muppet related posts as of late, but I'm stoked about the new film The Muppets which opens the day before Thanksgiving. I must figure out a way to convince my family, whom I haven't seen in almost a year, that we should spend two of our precious hours together in the dark not talking...

Anyway, how could I NOT be excited? I mean, Jason Segel co-wrote the screenplay, and I just get the impression this guy really respects the Muppets. Amy Adams is in the movie, and everyone knows that she IS a Muppet (Amy, I mean this as a compliment). And on top of that Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords wrote the songs.

The parody trailers are dripping with amazingness, and then there's this.

Too great, right? Kermit's little legs! How's he ride a bike with those??


Zack H. said...

My favorite thing ever may be the music stuff they started doing in 2009 when I think they figured out they were gonna do new stuff.

Particularly, Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Dorktress said...

So good. I love the "Stand By Me" with the bunnies. I'll hunt down a link for you.