Monday, November 28, 2011

Mugshot Monday

The Chessboard Killer!!

What does that mean? Oh, it just means some silly old Russian dude was trying to kill 64 people. Because you need one for each square on the chessboard, obviously! I mean, do you go about doing all your serial killing, huh? Do you have a better idea??

Seriously. Dude had a chessboard diagram in his notebook. Each square had a date (FOR A MURDER) and 61 of them were filled in. Sorry you didn't get to finish the job, buddy. Oh, wait. No I'm not. STOP KILLING PEOPLE! JEEZ!

This feller is pretty fascinating in that he killed because he freakin' loved killing. He even said, "life without killing is like life without food." Only he said it in Russian, so it looked like this, "Жизнь без убийства, как жизнь без еды". Thanks, Google Translate!

Alexander Pichushkin has an oddly adorable sounding last name for a serial killer. Seriously. Sound it out. Pich-ush-kin. Awwww! But he also was a serial killer, so shucks, right?

Pichushkin was an active murderer from 1992 until he was apprehended in 2006 (eeeek! Recent!) He killed women and children, but mostly older homeless men. He would invite people into a secluded park to drink with him, and then he was smash their heads in with a hammer. He always killed his victims from behind, to avoid getting blood on his clothes. Because laundry is the hardest part of a serial killer's day. Am I right, ladies??

After his arrest (his final victim was seen walking on a train platform with him. Pesky surveillance cameras!), Pichushkin was convicted of 48 murders, but he insisted he'd killed more and that he had attempted an even higher number.

Really, everything I could say about him is said in this way too creepy highly educational documentary. You even get to hear him talk in detail about how freakin' crazy he is.

Watch if you dare.

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