Monday, November 14, 2011

Mugshot Monday

Spoiler Alert - The Hunger Games

In honor of the newly release Hunger Games trailer, our Mugshot Monday this week is all about the deplorable President Snow!

President Snow has been the the leader of Panem for at least twenty-five years now, and his preferred method of killing is poison. He's murdered at least 23 children a year for the last twenty-five years, but my guess is that if you count starvation and child labor related deaths, the toll is much higher. Perhaps making him a more successful killer than any of our previous Mugshot Mondays. He's a fan of torture and manipulation with a long line of victims including the families of various Hunger Game winners and a few winners themselves. While poison is his favored murder weapon, he has also tried his hand at electrocution and even through brainwashing killing machines. Well, that one didn't really pan out, as DUH Peeta LOVES Katniss! UGH! GAH! Did you even READ the books??

So yeah, pretty shitty murderer. But fortunately he was either smooshed to death or choked on his own blood. It's a mystery. Point is - DEAD. He's dead now.

My favorite evil thing President Snow did? Whore out Finnick. I mean, can you blame him? Growl!

Enjoy the trailer, dorks!

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