Monday, November 21, 2011

Magestik Legend: Big Trouble In Little China

Loooower....Bit to the left...
Welcome to the Pork Chop Express, y'all! Today we're listening to a track by Astronote feat. Magestik Legend, a Detroit musician who has done a little sampling of John Carpenter's award nominated soundtrack to Big Trouble in Little China. But first.

What the shit is up with all these ridiculous hip hop names? Immortal Technique? Magestik Legend? Dudes, you write some good songs, you're making good music, but your stage names sound like awful video games. It's not even that hard. Just go here and get a new name. From now on you shall refer to me as Zack H. Gangsta Pack a.k.a. Ponderous Swoop. Was that so difficult?


I'm digging this a lot, but not quite as much the original movie featuring a post Escape From New York Kurt Russell and a nearly virginal Kim Cattrall. Ah memories.


I also happened to come across some great Big Trouble in Little China merch. You too can now look like a total badass in your own Fu Manchu tank top or Pork Chop Express shirt. And why not go and buy the blu-ray released last year or the plain old DVD to keep The Dorktress a.k.a. B Slim happy.

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