Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Dorkgasm

Wanna buy the cheapest house in Beverly Hills? Sure, it's listed as a major fixer upper, but it's under $400K on a block where all the other houses are well over a million. So the yard is over grown? So the pipes are old? So the wiring is shot? WHO CARES!?

Do you know why you want to buy this house? Do you?

You want to buy this house, because former Playboy bunny Yvette Vickers, star of Attack of the Giant Leeches was found mummified in this house. She lived here since this 50's and croaked here in 2010? 2009? Police think her body may have gone undiscovered for over a year.

And THAT is why you want to buy the cheapest house in Beverly Hills!

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