Friday, November 4, 2011

Daily Dorkgasm

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about punctuation today.

I really wish the "snark" was on my keyboard.

But did you know that the space (yup. you're loved-by-your-thumbs spacebar) is a form of punctuation?

Check out this lovely blog post about emoticons by Anne Trubek! Here's my favorite excerpt.
"A space is a punctuation mark, remember, so in those days, everyone used a script called scripta continua, which, as you may guessed, meant therewerenospacesbetweenwords. As more people began reading, itbecamehardertoreadthedamnedmanuscripts, and punctuation marks were invented to ease reading aloud."


zack said...

You can get your snark on, on a mac without too much pain in the ass.

Command+Option+T should get you a character palette. Click on the little gear icon in the top left, Customize list, Check off "All Punctuation", OK, find your snark, select it, Command+C to copy it.

Open up Language and Text preferences and set up a symbol and text substitution to replace that inverted question mark (Shit+Option+?) with your snark mark. (Lo siento, hablantes de EspaƱol)

Step 3: Profit⸮

Becca Anderson said...

This is so exciting, but can you show me in person‽ I don't see the snark on my character palette.