Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vampire Vednesday!

There are plenty of vampires out there, which is good since every Vednesday is Vampire Vednesday here at the G.D.

And it just so happens that today I learned a fascinating fact about my all-time favorite vampire Count von Count!

In some vampire myths, a way to deter a vampire is to throw seeds out a door or place a fishing net outside a widow.

"Why," you ask?

Because upon sighting the seeds or the net, silly old vampires are compelled to count the seeds or the holes in the net and forget their desire to suck your blood! Sometimes, the crazy bastards got so caught up in the counting, they stood there until the sun came up! Rut roh!

Anyway, Count von Count obviously draws from this! ALL MUPPETS ARE BRILLIANT! And here's Captain Picard helping the Count count!

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zack said...

Count von Count is a fiend!