Thursday, October 20, 2011

Theatrical Thoughts

Let's just keep rollin' 'em out, huh? So maybe Theatrical Thoughts will be a regular feature, too. Who knows? Who cares? God, I feel wild and rebellious like Charlie Sheen all pumped up on Tigerblood!

Anyway, my theatrical thoughts this week are rambly.

Unlike most girls my age who like musicals, I did not see Newsies in the movie theatre in 1992. Nor did I see it on VHS in 1993. I waited until it had already built up the beginnings of its bizarrely charming cult following. So in 1999 I saw Newsies for the first time at a summer camp where we performed about half of the songs from it in a big variety show for our parents.

Long story short, my impressionable, teenage mind was quickly warped into thinking this kind of cheesy movie musical was THE best thing to ever happen on the planet earth.

In case you are an idiot never saw the film, it's about some surprisingly attractive newsboys in 1899 who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. These cute little ragamuffins with voices like angels and impressive tumbling (gymnastics, not internet) skills decide they won't sell any more newspapers for the uber-rich publishers until they get some rights. It's like Occupy Wall Street, but without ruining your commute. And with dancing boys. And a moody, 90's-haired Christian Bale. So it's nothing like Occupy Wall Street. It's just awesome. SHUT UP!

Anyway, my theatrical thoughts are, "do I wanna trek out to Millburn, New Jersey to see Newsies: The Musical live on stage at the Papermill Playhouse? Or do I just wait until it opens on Broadway next year. Because we all know it will. Right? Am I right, ladies??"

Also, I'm theatrically thinking, do I want to see Newsies: The Musical? I mean, duh, yes, I do. Of course. BUT will it be as good a the movie? There's no David Moscow, Ann Margret, Robert Duvall, Bill Pullman, or Christian Bale in this one. But there are additional songs by Alan Menken AND a book by Harvey Fierstein. Plus, it got some sick reviews.

Will it only add to my enjoyment of Newsies and dancing boys in general? Or will it taint (hee hee. taint.) my memories a la the Young Frankenstein musical????????? Questions for the Angels.

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