Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hers Day Thursday

You dorks know of Dame Dr. Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell, right? Right??

sexy, sexy glasses!
Oh. Well, you should, so here's some info for your mind brains.

Who is she? A 68 year old Irish astrophysicist.

Namely, this one CP 1919 ----->

While working towards her Ph.D, Jocelyn noted that regular radio wavelengths pumping through space. The wavelengths kept popping up on her charts from a radio telescope every 1.337 seconds, and Jocelyn, being an intelligent astrophysicist in training said something along the lines of, "obviously these radio wavelengths are coming from a far off rotating star and not from Little Green Men."

fancy wavelengths from CP 1919

She was totes right, ladies and germs. (That doesn't mean aliens don't exist!)

Shittily, her professors were awarded the Nobel Prize for a paper about the discovery of the first pulsar, and she was not. Being a classy broad, she holds no grudge.

Also, she's won a slew of medals, awards, and honorary degrees, including the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize, since then to make up for it. And did I mention she's a Dame? Yeah. A Lady Knight.

How's that for Hers Day Thursday?

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Update 9:53PM This was on BBC Radio 4 a couple days ago. Who knew??

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