Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hers Day Thursday

Again, with the theme days!

Thursdays shall be for the ladies. Not sure what I mean by that, but we'll discover as we go, yes? Good.

I had the great good fortune to attend the New York Comic Con this past weekend, where the surprise hit panel was Womanthology. Do you know about this? I did not before NYCC, dang if I ain't excited for it. See? It's got be typing in hick speak!

Womanthology is a comic anthology of all new material by 140 creators. Those 140 awesome (female) artists, inkers, colorists, and writers range from never picked up a pencil to been working in the industry long enough to retire. The whole thing started when artist Renae De Liz (of The Last Unicorn saw some self doubt cropping up COMPLETELY CONSUMING Twitter, and she tweeted out a call to women, to see if there was interest in a giant collaboration.

A few months later and the whole thing has EXPLODED! Women teamed up, and they crafted what sounds like (and looks like, based on the stuff I'm finding online. Try here and here and here) beautiful and exciting new work. A Kickstarter page was set up, with a goal of $30K. They currently have raised over $100K.

The graphic novel will be in your local comic book shop in January and available in major bookstores around March (according to the panelists at NYCC).

Anyway, back to the panel. Bonnie BurtonMariah HuehnerRenae De LizNicole FalkSuzannah Rowntree. They all worked on Womanthology in one way shape or form, project managing, drawing, editing, and inspiring. They had a lot of great stuff to say about the work itself, but they also spoke about comics, art, and life in general. Well, really they talked about comics, but it can all be applied to life! That's the best part about comics!!

If you weren't there, I'm not gonna give you a play by play, but the gist of the whole panel was this: 1. Believe in yourself, 2. Keep doing what you want to do and don't ever think you can't, 3. Put it on the internet. We all wanna see/hear/learn about what you did! You rock! Put it into the universe.

I walked into the room not really knowing what I was going to hear or see, but I walked out feeling like I was Supergirl. (and not just because I chose to cosplay...)

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