Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Welcome to Giant Dorkgasm.

Here's the deal: I've had blogs on and off. I update, I forget to update, I remember suddenly that I have a blog, I feel constricted by themes or auras I want to project out into the big wide web, I waste hours changing templates while not generating posts, I hem, I haw, and eventually I give up.

I'd say "Not this time!" but let's face it, this will probably fall into oblivion, too. Oh well.

I do have a plan this time, though. No more constricting what I can and cannot blog! If I wanna write a post about how much I loved Comic Con, I shall! If I want to post about writing a musical, I shall! If I wanna put up a bunch of links to funny YouTube videos, I effing shall! Who cares?!

Anyway, brace your face for a lot of crap and maybe even a little awesome.

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