Saturday, October 22, 2011

Daily Dorkgasm

It's that time again! Today's Daily Dorkgasm is brought to by the letter W, as in WTF?

I love me some movie monsters. I love me some musicals. However, when these two things have been combined, they generally flop with both the critical and financial sectors. Frank Wildhorn's Dracula, anyone? The off-broadway Frankenstein? (I sat behind a very disgruntled older couple who thought they had bought tickets to Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein musical.) Neither one got that much praise or moola at the box office, sadly. (I always die a little when a musical, no matter what it is, doesn't become a giant sensation. I'm a tad obsessed.)

But never mind, because history is not deterring the producers of the new King Kong - Live on Stage. It's being produced in Melbourne, Australia before it scales BroadWAY in 2013. You've only got two years to get all your crazy out as the idea of this show continues to blow your mind.

I'd be worried, but Craig Lucas is writing the book. Yes. Craig Lucas.

And the star of the show is being built by the folks at Global Creatures, who made all the amazing Walking With Dinosaurs arena shows. Read the Variety article to sneak a peek!

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